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If you’re tired of being overweight and want to slim down, see the experts at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa in Spring, Texas. The exceptional team offers comprehensive weight management solutions that match your goals. Schedule an evaluation by phone or online today as the first step toward reaching your target body weight.

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Weight Management Q & A

What is weight management?

Weight management at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa includes highly effective, safe, personalized weight loss plans that make it easier to reach and maintain your ideal weight. The practice provides an array of medically-supervised programs to match your individual needs.

What are the advantages of medical weight management?

Weight management at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Fast, simple, long-lasting weight loss
  • More energy
  • Reduced risk of diseases
  • Improved disease management
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Highly effective results
  • Better quality of life
  • Self-confidence 

Medically-supervised weight loss helps reduce hunger during and after meals, allowing you to easily eat fewer calories so you can achieve your target weight.

Which weight management programs are available?

New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa provides the following weight management plans:


Signature Weight Management

The New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa signature weight management program offers gradual weight loss.

Your individualized program features a medical consultation, comprehensive four-panel lab work, body composition analysis, nutritional analysis and counseling, exercise recommendations, and lifestyle changes. It also includes a 30-day appetite suppressant  prescription if needed.


hCG diet program

The hCG plan consists of a low-calorie meal plan plus prescription-grade hCG injections, targeting an average weight loss rate of one-half to one pound per day. This diet consists of the signature plan plus an appetite suppressant and diuretic medication when needed. 

It also comes with a guidebook and food journal. By consuming a 500-700 calorie deficit, you burn stored body fat.


Weight loss with Semaglutide or Tirzepatide 

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are weight loss medications that also help reduce blood glucose levels. These medicines enhance traditional weight loss programs and are administered as weekly injections. They help you feel fuller longer, making it easier to keep a calorie deficit. 

Studies show that Semaglutide produces a 14.9% reduction in body weight after 16 months, while Tirzepatide causes a 22.5% reduction in body weight. However, individualized results vary. 


Which weight management plan is right for me?

The New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa team determines which weight management plan is best after discussing your goals, reviewing your medical history, weighing you, determining your body mass index (BMI), and completing a physical exam along with a comprehensive body composition analysis report. 

Blood tests can detect nutrient deficiencies, diabetes, prediabetes, hormone imbalances, and other conditions that require treatment. Your provider then tailors a personalized weight management plan.

Schedule an appointment at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa by phone or online today to take advantage of outstanding medical weight management.