December is here. If you’re considering freshening up your appearance for the holiday season and curious about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, our skin experts at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa in Spring, Texas, are here to help.

Our team of board-certified medical providers and aesthetic practitioners offers PRP treatments to people across The Woodlands seeking an effective facial treatment without side effects or a lengthy recovery time.

We’ve put together this informative post to help you understand the ins and outs of PRP facial treatments and whether they’re right for you. Keep reading to find out if PRP is the solution for you this holiday season.

What are PRP treatments, and how do they work?

You have small cells called platelets in your blood. They help stimulate new cell growth by transporting nutrients and growth factors, called polypeptides, around your body.

PRP treatments use your body’s platelets to trigger new cell development and healing. We take a small sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets.

The process creates a concentrated solution that contains 5-10 times more platelets than what your blood naturally has. We inject the PRP solution into your target treatment areas.

Together, we determine the best treatment areas based on your aesthetic goals. Once your treatment is over, you’re free to go about your day because there’s no recovery or downtime.

PRP treatments harness the power of your body’s natural cell regeneration to give you amazing results. But because it relies on biological processes, it can take 3-4 weeks for noticeable changes to appear.

The best part is that since PRP treatments stimulate your body to continue to produce more collagen and elastin, your results last longer. You’ll notice continued improvement in your appearance for up to 18 months.

What aesthetic facial issues can PRP address?

PRP treatments have many uses. For example, PRP treatments can reduce crow’s feet near your eyes, smooth wrinkles on your chin, or add volume to sunken areas. Other skin concerns related to the visible signs of aging that PRP treatments tackle include:

  • Treating problematic under-eye concerns
  • Rejuvenating the skin on your neck
  • Improving skin texture
  • Diminishing the appearance of scars
  • Minimizing oversized pores

Is PRP therapy the proper treatment for me?

The best way to learn whether PRP treatments are right for your aesthetic goals is to meet with a skilled provider. At New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa, we review your medical history, examine your skin, and ask about your concerns and goals to create a personalized PRP treatment plan.

If you’re thinking about PRP treatments for your face, you should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about treatment. The best candidates for PRP treatments have mild or moderate skin laxity and moderate signs of aging.

While PRP treatments are generally safe for most people, if you are taking blood thinners, have a blood clotting disorder, or are pregnant, you may be directed to a different treatment.

Learn more about PRP treatments and how they can help you look your best this holiday season by scheduling a consultation with an aesthetic expert at New Horizons Wellness Center & MediSpa in Spring, Texas.

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